Websites And Web hosting For Beginners

Websites And Webhosting For Beginners

By Max Williams

Hello, and thank you for viewing this blog on websites and web-hosting for beginners. This as the title says is a basic break down for beginners to know what to do to host a website and how to publish it on the Internet for all to see (or whomever they choose to see it ).

To start, there are many ways to host your website, we will talk about a few of the following:
1 – hosting a website on your own server at home
2 – using a hosting company to publish your website
3 – using a VPS to host your website
4 – hiring someone to build and setup a website on a hosting service for you

Part 1 – hosting a website on your own server at home:

You could build your website yourself using a framework like bootstrap, or a GUI (Graphic User Interface) like bluefish (found in ubuntu repositories), dream weaver, coding it by hand, or even Microsoft word.

Any of the above will work, depending on your taste and style. So once you actually build the site, you could host it yourself on your own server at home.

First you will need to decide what type of hardware to put the web server on (I have heard of a few guys who ran web servers on laptops). Next you will need to decide what software/webserver to use, example;
Apache, Nginx, IIS, lighthttp, Jetty, mongoose, and the list goes on and on.

Then decide if you want a database to work in union with your web server, such as:
mysql, mariadb, mssql, sqlite, oracle, DB2, mongodb

You will also need a scripting language to communicate between the web server and database, like:
perl, php, python, ruby, node.js, asp

Next is the OS (operating system) you gonna run the web server, database, and scripting language on:
Windows, Linux, MacOS, Unix

And finally, you will need to decide what type of stack you want to mix all of the above in, let me explain in the next paragraph below.

In simple terms, when I say what stack you want to use, I am saying what type of combination you will build and configure your web server, database, scripting language, and OS into. I will break down a few of the more familiar stacks such as such:
Stacks –>>
LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, and either –> php, perl, or python)

LEMP (Linux, Nginx, mySQL, and either –> php, perl, or python)

WAMP (Windows, Apache, mySQL, and either –> php, perl, or python)

A WAMP site

MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angularjs, node.js)

MAMP (macOS, apache, mySQL, and either –> php, perl, or python)

XAMPP (X=cross plateform / any OS, apache, mariadb, php, perl)

Other lists of AMP packages:
List of Apache_MySQL_PHP packages

Next you will want to decide which method you will use to put your website out as such either with a static ip address assigned to you by your ISP (internet service provider), or using your dynamic ip address (your regular ip address assigned from your ISPs DHCP server –> DHCP –> Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

If you go with a static ip address, which is a ip address that never changes, you will get a ip address possibly with a router (both assigned to you from your ISP) usually through a business or commercial account (check with your ISP for prices).

Once you have been given you static ip and router from your ISP company, you will want to go to a Domain registar and find / create a domain name for your website OR get a domain name from your ISP if they offer that service.

A Domain registar (a company or organization that gives and registers
your domain name for you, example –>
usually at a cost).

Here is a list of Domain registars below, as of this writing the following offer their services




Blue host


If you go through a dynamic ip address, usually through your already existing residential account (dynamic ip address is from your ISPs dhcp server, and changes ip addresses from time to time), you can use openDNS.

With openDNS

you go through a company that will provide you with client software usually to install in your compatible type router, there by allowing for when your dynamic ip address changes, your domain name (ex – will not change and people can still access your site.

Video information regarding openDNS
OpenDNS for Network Security

OpenDNS Setup and Configuration

How to setup OpenDNS on Linux Mint

Part 2 – using a hosting company to publish your website:

Next you can use a hosting company (a company that will publish your website for you), to host your website for you.

First, lets start with the underlining technology you will be dealing with in most if not all hosting company.

To start with {and don’t worry, we will keep this simple}, a hosting company will have a web server or several web servers. A web server is both the computer, and the software installed on that computer that just serves (or in our case, displays websites – public and or sometimes private), for any client = the person or anyone, who is requesting to look at the website on the hosting company server, from the clients browser.

You, as a potential customer of the hosting company, will need to sign-up with said hosting company, at which point, you will be provided with an account on the hosting companys web server and a username and password, to gain access to your account to build and serve your website for the internet to see.

With this way, you can do several things,
A – you can build your website and then just upload it to your hosting company root web server.
B – you can use the hosting company tools to build out your website and then publish on the internet.
C – you can have someone build your website, and then put it in your hosting company web server.

There are some hosting types you may want to consider when using a hosting company, such as:
1 – Shared hosting: this is the most common plan in my opinion and is made up of simply sharing space with other customer’s on a hosting company server. Let me explain – When you sign up for a company to host your website, you will be given a username & password to login to their computers/servers into your assigned account (usually a folder that only you and whoever you choose has access to). There maybe other customer’s with their own accounts (folders) being used on the same server.
Shared hosting is usually the least expensive plan to start with.

2 – Dedicated hosting: this option is when you are paying the hosting company to use the whole server and NO other customer or accounts but your own has access to this server. This plan/option can get very expensive but can be a great benefit to those who want a private server for their own use for things like, a database, media server, company internal webserver (intranet), etc.

As stated above, shared hosting is usually the simplist and best method or option to start with as it usually only requires a customer to sign up for a hosting plan and then just starting from there.

Some well known hosting companies

Mocha host

1and1 host

Wix host

Go daddy hosting


And my hosting company

Max hosting company

Most hosting company offer domain registration (example – to include with your website if you wish, but as stated above when creating a home server, you can add your own domain name if you want to, depending upon your hosting plan and company.

Part 3 – using a VPS to host your websites:

VPS (Virtual Private Server), is a virtual server that you can get from a hosting company (hosting, cloud computing) and use to host multiple websites and/or services on-line. A vps is a virtual copy of a an operating system that you have super-user rights to and can be installed from the hosting company network. VPSs can either be shared (meaning multipe VPSs on one server, which is usually named shared), or dedicated (a VPS or physical server that is not shared, and is its own server).
VPS wiki

Companies that sell VPS hosting

Digital Ocean (my favorite and affiliate)


Part 4 – hiring someone to build and setup a website on a hosting service for you:

Maybe you do not want to deal with all of the options suggested above, maybe you want someone to do it for you.
In which case you will need to consider the following.

A – choose someone who has some longevity and has been around for awhile, you really dont want someone who has no proof of being around, and you dont know if they will be in business 6 months from now.

B – consider the price for building the website, how much will it be, is this a one-time fee, is there a separate charge for hosting the website & monthly fees, also how much for follow-up updates and add-ons. How much for a support contract (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly), and will he or she be hosting the website on their own server, or do you have to get your own hosting company to do it.

C – finally, where to find people who can build your website for you, try social media – facebook, youtube, twitter, etc.

Do a search on one of your favorite search engines for a web developer, search through the yellow pages –> Yellow pages
Go to your local LUG (Linux User Group) or computer user meetings, local meetups meetings.

I also happen to build and host websites, for more information, please visit my website for very competitive and reasonable prices and discounts –

I hope this article has helped you in deciding how and where to shop for hosting services for building and publishing your website, bye for now.

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