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Whether you just bought a new computer, or a used computer, it don’t matter, you gonna need to put software on it. Buying a computer can be an ordeal, and buying software can be a even bigger one. Not to worry though, here at videotechstuff we can help by suggesting free software to put on your computer, instead of buying expensive, buggy, and resource intensive bloatware that might slow down your computer.

Checkout the software listed below, most if not all are free, easy to install, and won’t bog down your computer. Each of the software listed below, has it’s own link, to it’s website, that you can go to find out more information about, and download if you wish.

Free production software

Free Chat programs

Free CD/DVD burning software

Free Anti-Virus software

Free Network and Security Tools

Free Live CD/DVD software

Free Documents

HTML Tutorial

HTML Cheat Sheet

CSS Tutorial

Ping Python Script

Cleanup Python Script

Make money online

Computer Buying Checklist